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Mercury Free Dentistry Articles

The NEW Battle Strategy to Get Rid of Mercury Once and For All in Dentistry

It’s time to demand that the FDA protect pregnant women and children from mercury fillings – and to offer true informed consent. Why we need fair balanced science, not industry hype and fraud....

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ADA Attacked for Mercury Denialism

19 Jan 2016 | 32,862 Views

The American Dental Association (ADA) continues to support the use of toxic mercury in dental fillings, even as the significant risks to human health and the environment continue to mount.

FDA Shamed in Media for Slow Reaction on Mercury

06 Oct 2015 | 205,686 Views

They died after contamination with this toxin... with NO safe level of exposure. Yet the FDA's feet are stuck in quicksand, despite a signed international treaty. US - first to sign, last to comply? Very embarrassing and disturbing for caring Americans! What to do now...

Mercury-Free Dentists — Pioneers and Catalysts for 21st Century Health Care

22 Aug 2015 | 180,575 Views

And don't think it's not common. Half of all dentists are involved in this consumer fraud, which allows them to make more money per chair per day, despite the fact you're being tricked into swallowing a toxin that ravages your kidneys and could even trigger MS.

Stop FDA from Using Children as Guinea Pigs for Mercury Exposure

18 Aug 2015 | 214,366 Views

Turns your brain to mush. Yet while comparing the EU to the US, they infamously claim, "We don't use our people as guinea pigs in the US." This, while they refuse to warn our most at-risk citizens about this toxin, and endorsing it with false labels. Have you been duped?

Mercury-Free Dentistry Week — The Battle Continues to Make Dentistry Safe for Everyone

16 Aug 2015 | 220,729 Views

This neurotoxin slowly assaults your brain and hinders its ability to function. Yet experts never bothered to tell you it was poisonous. Word is slowly leaking out, despite the FDA's "secret" agenda to suck you in. Finally... you have the right to know the whole truth.

Europeans Face Same Hurdles as Americans in Banning Mercury Amalgam

09 May 2015 | 200,088 Views

And for good reason - you're clearly being lied to by selfish professionals about one of the most potent neurotoxins known to man. If they ever recommend it, ask them why an entire building has to be evacuated even for a spill tinier than what they want to put in your body.

EPA’s Next Target -- American Dentists Who Are Mercury Polluters

14 Oct 2014 | 78,593 Views

For under $60 a month, your dentist could stop toxic mercury waste from contaminating the environment… but many choose not to install this simple device.

Fluoride Isn't the Answer, Sugar Is the Problem

30 Sep 2014 | 55,716 Views

New research shows this dietary factor is directly related to your risk of cavities, even in areas where fluoride is widely used.

Mercury-Free Dentists—Pioneers and Catalysts for 21st Century Health Care

13 Sep 2014 | 210,794 Views

Most people are aware this is a potent toxin... but are you aware that this source forces you to breathe its fumes every moment of every day? And that such exposure can derail your ability to walk, talk, see, and think - and can even masquerade as M.S.?

Consumers for Dental Choice Unfolds Brilliant Strategy to Undo “Silver Fillings” Deception, Which Is a Major Source of Environmental Pollution

09 Sep 2014 | 215,656 Views

They aren't lying, but they are misleading you - refusing to openly tell you the truth about a substance that can do untold damage to your brain and nervous system. Please heed this warning, get informed, and avoid exposing your brain to this deadly train wreck.


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