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Mercury Free Dentistry Articles

The NEW Battle Strategy to Get Rid of Mercury Once and For All in Dentistry

It’s time to demand that the FDA protect pregnant women and children from mercury fillings – and to offer true informed consent. Why we need fair balanced science, not industry hype and fraud....

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Tell FDA to Ban Amalgam for Pregnant Women, Children and Nursing Mothers

02 May 2017 | 140,804 Views

It's primitive. It's toxic. And it's technically inferior to modern alternatives. Please don't blindly trust the FDA on this, there's a reason it's been banned by the EU.

EPA Sued for Mercury Policy

14 Feb 2017 | 32,944 Views

In December 2016, the US Environmental Protection Agency finalized a rule requiring dentists to take steps to limit mercury discharges into wastewater. The rule, expected to stop more than 5 tons of mercury discharge annually, has since been rescinded, prompting a lawsuit from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

Victory! European Union Bans Amalgam Fillings for Children and Pregnant or Nursing Women

27 Dec 2016 | 200,613 Views

Considering the side effects, it should be a punishable crime to give this to anyone - yet these health professionals in the US, with arm twisting from insurance companies, are tricking citizens into saying yes. With this latest European Union ban, it's time for us to wake up.

If You’ve Ever Had a Cavity, Read This

19 Nov 2016 | 57,934 Views

The American Dental Association continues to state that mercury (amalgam) dental fillings are safe, but new research shows a clear association between mercury levels in your body and mercury fillings in your teeth. The average American has three dental fillings, and the risk appears to rise with the number of fillings - people with 8 or more are the most at risk.

Be Prepared for Your Next Dental Appointment

04 Oct 2016 | 45,900 Views

New analytical capabilities allowed researchers to pinpoint the origins of mercury contamination revealed in hair samples. Along with showing distinct concentrations of mercury from amalgam dental fillings, a concerning spike in mercury also occurred when such fillings were unsafely removed.

Is Your Toothpaste Loaded With Toxins?

31 Aug 2016 | 225,574 Views

It's thrown into this daily beauty invention along with other health bombs. Which easily penetrate into your blood and organs, to wreak havoc on nearly every part of your body. Worse, it's just one of 11 hideous things that enter your body during this single routine.

For Optimal Health, Mind Your Oral Microbiome and Avoid Fluoride, Harsh Mouth Rinses and Amalgam Fillings

27 Aug 2016 | 280,015 Views

Many people don't equate disease in this part of their body with inflammation and disease in other organs and tissues. But because it truly is the 'gateway to total body wellness,' you must address inflammation and disease here FIRST before you can hope to enjoy optimal health. Get started today by tossing these 3 things.

Mercury Awareness — Your Mouth, Your Choice

25 Aug 2016 | 24,752 Views

It's Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, and in order to further the cause of mercury-free dentistry, I'm matching every donation (up to $100,000) made to a leader in this cause, Consumers for Dental Choice.

Insurance Companies Use Bait-and-Switch Tactics to Maintain the Status Quo of Mercury Amalgams

23 Aug 2016 | 95,902 Views

Is your dental insurance company your mortal enemy? On this they are. Their ridiculous restrictions can bury your physical and financial wellbeing under layers of fine print. How to sway them to ditch these slimy 'bait and switch' campaigns, and protect your health today.

Mercury-Free Dentistry 2016 — A Progress Report

21 Aug 2016 | 230,085 Views

It can destroy your brain and kidneys and severely compromises your ability to stay healthy. You may need to fight your insurance company. But together, we can win this war. It's time to say, 'Not for me. Not for my child.' In the end, you'll be glad you carried this torch.


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