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The Dangers of Root Canals and How to Treat Them

11 Apr 2021

More than 20 million root canal procedures are done every year in the US, despite the fact that root canal-treated teeth can harbor dangerous pathogens that contribute to chronic disease. If you need a root canal procedure, take these precautions. Already have one? Do this to rule out infection.

Success — FDA Finally Issues Amalgam Warning

06 Oct 2020

In an astounding about-face to the previous stance, a warning has finally been issued, which brings this toxic substance into the limelight. Considering the risk to 9 different groups, it should make front page news - but will the media highlight it or sweep it under the rug?

Mercury Use in Dentistry Is on Its Way Out

27 Aug 2020

The efforts of Consumers for Dental Choice have paid off, and it appears this is the beginning of the end for mercury use in dentistry. Even government agencies are now recognizing evidence that shows once dental amalgam is implanted in the human body, it can become toxic.

Protect Patients' Rights, Help Ban Mercury

25 Aug 2020

With a laundry list of serious side effects, this substance is being banned in Philippines, Finland, Ireland, New Caledonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Nepal. So why is the pushback here so huge, and is the deafening silence about to change?

Annual Mercury Awareness Week Update

23 Aug 2020

The people most vulnerable to harm and those who deserve better remain left behind in this outlandish experiment that's gone on far too long. But there's good news, too. Find out what's happened over the past year in this annual update.

Dentists Are Breaking Toxic Mercury Laws

19 Nov 2019

Nonprofit groups have petitioned the FTC to investigate the Maine Board of Dental Practice over alleged antitrust violations. The petition asserts that the state dental board is unfairly supporting dentists who continue to use amalgam, or mercury, fillings at the expense of public health.

Mercury-free dentists — Pioneers and catalysts for 21st century health care

31 Aug 2019

You're probably aware of the perilous side effects of this haphazard substance, but 57% are completely oblivious to how it's disguised. You could be chewing on this neurotoxin without the chance to object.

Countries everywhere are banning this, why aren't we?

27 Aug 2019

Four more European countries - Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland and Slovakia - have just joined Sweden and Norway to announce the end date for its use. Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Nigeria and Mauritius are also taking action, so why are we turning a blind eye?

2019 update on the fight for mercury-free dentistry

25 Aug 2019

It's an exciting time for the ongoing campaign to remove mercury from dentistry around the world. Now it looks like the pressure we've been applying here at home is paying off. Are we really only steps away from a world without this toxic heavy metal?

The Trouble With Dentistry

01 May 2019

The practice of medicine and dentistry never collaborated, leading to a difference in the extent and methods used to support treatment options. As your oral health is inextricably linked to your overall health it's vital to be cautious.